4 Ways To Save Money On Food Shopping in 2023

With food prices at an all-time high, finding ways to save money at the supermarket is becoming evermore important. 

Whether you hit the supermarkets in person or do your food shopping online, there are simple tricks that can help you save money on your grocery bill. 

Here are my top four tried and tested tactics to cut the cost of your food shop.

1. Plan your meals in advance

Creating a meal plan is a simple way to help you save money on food shopping.

Meal plans give you a clear idea of the items you need to buy and help you find budget-friendly options to cut the cost of your shop.

Planning your meals also helps ensure that you use all of the food you buy and avoid food waste, which can be costly.

The average UK household loses hundreds of pounds a year due to food waste alone.

So, although throwing away the odd bit of forgotten food might not seem like a lot, it adds up over time!

2. Always make a shopping list

Be prepared with a list before shopping for food. Whether it’s a full shop or you just need to pick up a few items, having a list could help you save money. 

It only takes a few moments and you can jot down the items you need in your notes app or on a piece of paper. 

Taking the time to make a shopping list gives you a clear idea of what you need to buy. It also helps you to stick to your budget. 

Having a food shopping list lowers the chances of you making impulse purchases which may lead to overspending. 

3. Use supermarket loyalty schemes to your advantage

Using supermarket loyalty schemes can help you cut the cost of your food shopping. 

Most supermarket loyalty schemes work by allowing shoppers to earn points each time they spend money in-store, online and at participating retailers. 

Once you’ve racked up enough points, you can use them to get money off of your food shopping. 

Some retailers also offer members-only discounts on products, for example, Clubcard Prices at Tesco.

While some offer you tailored discounts on items that you’re likely to buy, based on your shopping habits, for example, Nectar Prices at Sainsbury’s. 

It’s always worth signing up for multiple schemes at different supermarkets to earn rewards and maximise your food shopping savings. 

Although supermarket loyalty schemes offer a great way to save money at the checkout, remember to only buy items that you need. 

4. Avoid shopping while hungry

Studies show that you’re more likely to make impulse purchases when you shop on an empty stomach. 

This may lead to you picking up more items than you need and cause you to overspend.

Where possible, try to have a meal or snack before going into a supermarket or doing an online supermarket shop.

This will help you stick to your shopping list and make the best food choices to suit your budget. 


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