Brean produced and presented audio packages for several podcasts including The Which? Money Podcast and The Moneywise Podcast.

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The Which? Money Podcast

In 2019 Brean launched The Which? Money Podcast, a weekly show dedicated to helping people manage their finances.  She worked as a producer and also presented audio investigations on a range topics including:

Why parents are losing £45,000 in pension savings

Starting a family can be an exciting new chapter but parents who take time out of work to care for children face significant unintended financial consequences. In this week’s episode of the Which? Money Podcast Brean explores the ‘parental pensions penalty’ which is causing some people to lose over £45,000 in pension savings.

Are free stock trading platforms worth using?

Technology has revolutionised the world of investing and today we can invest via apps on the go or from the comfort of our homes. Traditionally, these investment platforms charge a fee but a new generation of companies offering you the chance to trade stocks for free is emerging. Do they mark a shift in the future of investing or do investors risk missing out by cutting costs? Brean speaks to the disruptors and experts to find out.

Should you invest in a property or a pension?

It’s the age-old debate – should you priortise buying a property or saving for retirement? And that challenge has become more acute as life expectancy rapidly increases and getting onto the property ladder becomes an ever more distant dream. Brean speaks to the people who have decided to delay their retirement saving plans to buy a property – and the experts who think that’s a very risky strategy.

The secret scheme banks don’t tell you about

This week Brean uncovers the mysterious world of chargeback. It’s a scheme that could help you get your money back if a payment goes wrong on your debit card but very few people know it exists. Find out how it works and how you can request it from your bank.

Should you enter a house raffle?

House raffles are becoming increasingly popular but very few people have been successful in winning a home through them. In this episode of The Which? Money Podcast, Brean investigates whether house raffles are worth entering.