Brean is an experienced reporter, presenter and producer who is dedicated to helping people understand the (often) confusing world of finance.

With a diverse career working across print, digital media and TV, Brean strives to empower people with news, tips and advice that helps them make better money decisions.

She discusses topical personal finance issues on The Business Breakfast with James Max on TalkRadio every Friday.

Brean has produced, commissioned and edited guides at Cuvva to distil complex car insurance issues and help drivers find the right policy.

She has worked as a reporter and multimedia manager at Moneywise, covering different areas of personal finance including credit cards, savings, investments, insurance and pensions. She produced, presented and edited the Moneywise Podcast and the How to Invest podcast. Brean also scripted and presented videos to help people better understand their personal finances.

During her time on the Which? Money team, Brean worked as a senior writer and producer, where she tackled financial and consumer affairs issues. She also launched and produced the Which? Money Podcast which helps people protect the pounds in their pocket.

Brean has also written for financial publications such as The Motley Fool and Citywire. She also worked at the BBC as a documentary production assistant.