Brean is a personal finance expert dedicated to helping people understand the (often) confusing world of finance.

From managing the cost of living crisis, money-saving tips, insurance and investments to credit scores, homebuying, managing debt and scams, she covers a wide range of personal finance topics.

With a diverse career working across digital, print and TV, Brean strives to empower people with news, interviews and tips to help them make the best money decisions.

Working with consumer finance platforms including NerdWallet, Which? and Moneywise, she has written news, features and advice guides as well as producing podcasts and videos that help people better understand their finances. She has also written for The Motley Fool and Citywire.

Brean’s commentary on topical personal finance issues is frequently featured in regional and national publications including The Independent, MoneyWeek, Express and Mortgage Strategy.

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